eTEAM® changelog

Current version 8.10


2020.01.28 - v. 8.11 (R.X.X.X.XX)


  • Categories / keywords can now be managed independently on all modules.


  • In the search engine of the artwork library you can now search for "My publications".


  • Multiple settings allow a complete customization of the the new uploads.


  • This feature allows the identification of files in the database of assets having the same name and the same extension.


  • In the SKU card (product or reference card) it is now possible to link contents categorized by type


  • In the single reference (SKU) it is possible to associate a single user, to enable its visibility and receive the notifications provided by the approval flow.


  • The customer's eTEAM administrator will now be able to manage the platform's users independently.


  • Importing data into the DAM makes this information available to the user.

*) Function available after custom setup.

2019.10.16 - v. 8.10 (R.


  1. Automatic alignment in case of different layout workarea dimensions
  2. Mismatch highlighting: sensitivity setup
  3. Syncro zooming in parallel view
  4. Tool is now available in Artwork Annotation panel
  5. Double comparison view:
    1. Parallel view (original/history/
    2. Full view with switch (original/history/


  1. New skin list
  2. UI colors optimization


  1. In version comparison tool a new column highlight text differences in fields (added and removed strigs)


  1. Database manage the new item “Text content” with a dedicated data Card (with translations) to be used in multiple SKU
  2. Each text element, when linked to an SKU , may be used to build new SKU text blocks (ie: Marketing claims, characteristics list, preparation suggestions, …)


  1. Changes applied to Ingredients or Text contents, generates a new detailed “Pending changes summary” in each linked SKU
  2. Available pending changes info are now: date, time, user, element name, language, field, content before/after
*) Function activated only after customer agreement and custom set-up
**) Function available after custom setup.


      1.  DOSEARCH: fixed bug. Now disables also the search engine in the search result (necessary for users who reach the result from a widget or a search template but do not have the DOSEARCH)
      2. NUTRITAB_EDIT: permission to manage the Nutritional Table key in the REL type ART
      1. The value "SKIP_ET8_VIEW" can now be inserted in the "TD PARMS" field. In these cases the field is never displayed in the UI, also if it is existing and enabled. Useful to hide fields that are processed by triggers or autocalculated or procedures that cannot be disabled but must not be seen


  1. If several elements have been inserted in the "Basket", it is now possible to delete each single element.
  2. In the "DMS" (Publishing) section, you can now clone an existing subfolder (spread) and rename it. All content will be copied into the new one.
  3. In the Publications library, after selection, from the button on the side you can now also select the function "Multiple upload" (Beta version).
  4. In the "Notes" panel of a publication, a direct link to the function "PDF comparison" has been added.

2019.06.30 - v. 8.9 (R.


        1. many UX interface improvement


        1. new asset check-in and check-out functionality
        2. new temporary upload template functionality
        3. new tag parameter in the upload template


        1. snippets site template improvement


        1. improve printable annotation layout
        2. new folder task to generate a complete InDesign files with automatic TOC (pages extracted from Job are automatically collected in a single document)
        3. new visibility configuration for page history


        1. new admin section
        2. new user management

2019.03.31 - v. 8.8 (R.


        1. bugfixing
        2. performance improvement


        1. improve asset identification by path for import/export excel


        1. snippets site template improvement
        2. sites cache optimization improvement


        1. new configurable button for user notes
        2. folders bulk update


        1. modify personal data visibility for GDPR compliance

2018.12.31 - v. 8.7.1 (R.


        1. new configurable language restriction for users
        2. new icon file association for drop down values
        3. new eTEAM logs engine
        4. bugfixing


        1. new versioning type with only the current element without the whole structure


        1. new endpoints for listing collections and their contents
        2. new endpoint for asset file update
        3. new endpoint for publications list
        4. add new assets search parameters: collection and folders
        5. new endpoint api version

2018.09.30 - v. 8.7 (R.


        1. new configurable mandatory home page widgets
        2. bugfixing


        1. new search parameter for search in list of codes
        2. refactoring entity bulk update


        1. Audio player and management improvement (mp3, ogg, wav)
        2. new search parameter for search in list of codes
        3. refactoring asset bulk update


        1. snippets site template improvement


        1. new group folder notifications
        2. improve sheet preview with extra information

2018.07.16 - v. 8.6 (R.


        1. API for PIM, DAM, CRM sections: OpenAPI 3.0 standard and dedicated site for developer,
        2. new configuration for pinning specific important attribute in search engine
        3. bug fix: some minor bug in search engine


        1. new function clone in product card view
        2. multiple edit improvement: it is possible to choose the attributes to modify or take a product as source for multiple products update


        1. new section for asset metadata: EXIF, IPTC, Photoshop, XMP, ICC_Profile, APP14, COMPOSITE, QUICKTIME, MPEG, ID3
        2. new assets deduplication function: eTEAM show the possible repeated assets and the DAM manager is able to join them or make them unique
        3. asset search improvement with most important metadata criteria
        4. multiple edit improvement: it is possible to choose the attributes to modify or take a product as source for multiple assets update
        5. upload template: it is possible modify the template on the fly for single particular upload


        1. update link for last news snippet
        2. http/https switch improvement
        3. SEO function improvement


        1. bug fix: publication list filters

2018.06.05 - v. 8.5.2 (R.


        1. new user interface font size selector
        2. security fix: mysql injection e xss


        1. bug fix: versions


        1. image editing: crop, flip, rotate, hue, contrast, vibra, seppia effect, saturation, exposure, blur effect, gray scale
        2. unrecognition character check for asset rename
        3. video streaming improvement
        4. mp3 streaming improvement
        5. bug fix: relation object list search
        6. bug fix: upload asset


        1. last news alt and title management on default snippet
        2. header alternate update on default snippet
        3. slideshow header alternate update on default snippet
        4. full form submit label update
        5. new full slideshow snippet


        1. new improved pdf compare
        2. add parameters for low PDF InDesign export
        3. bug fix: languages note
        4. bug fix: I.D.R.A. overflow icon missing


        • bug fix: newsletter profile detail

2018.04.05 - v. 8.5.1 (R.

        1. New way of opening and closing of side panels. The opening and closing keys are now incorporated into the moving vertical bar.
          1. navigation panel (left)
          2. quick view (eye) right
        2. It is now possible to authorize some user profiles to allow editing of the lists used in the multiple choice fields.
        3. In the PIM module: by creating a version it is now possible to insert a description that is displayed in the historical version. Therefore, by creating a version, the user can now:
          1. choose the type of version (if the system has more than one version type)
          2. describe the data version it is generating.
        4. The Import / Export data functions via .xlsx files are available in the PIM, DAM, DMS, CMS modules. 
          The function has also been entered in the main menu of each module.
        5. PIM: added in the main menu the entry for the creation of a new entity (Ex: New tab Article / Product / Label)
        6. CRM: The new Newsletter duplication function is available
        7. CRM: the cancellation of already sent newsletters is now available only through a specific permission assigned to the user.
        8. DAM: Inserted in the main menu the new navigation mode through #TAG. The function, like the existing "Browse by Category" and "Browse Libraries", allows you to consult the Asset database through the available ## TAGS The main features are:
          1. the list of #TAGs is displayed in the navigation pane (from left), the most used 20TAGS are displayed as default. Each #TAG in the list shows the number of Asset in which it is used.
          2. search filter #TAG
            1. available in the navigation panel 
            2. allows searching in the #TAG library
            3. displays the most used 20 #TAG corresponding to the set search
          3. navigation "multi#TAG": it is possible to select more than one #TAG in order to filter the Assets list. The selected #TAGs are displayed in the head of the central panel and can be individually removed from the filter itself.
          4. #TAG editing (modification and deletion of the #TAGs in the list)
        9. Fixed some bugs reported by users.

2018.02.27 - v. 8.5 (R.

        1. Full Entity (View of Det # TAG of Entities)
          1. The panel view is now navigable through a tree structured in sections.
          2. New 2-level navigation Father-Son: 2 tabs can be viewed simultaneously through the "Quick view": by selecting the row of the linked element (in the panels of the "Linked elements" section)
          3. By displaying the details of a linked element, the header allows to know the name of the parent entity through the exposure of both names. For example, by displaying the item # 371 - "Steel Screw" as an element of "6424 - Condensing Boiler", the header will show the following information: "371 - Element steel screw of 6424 - Coal boiler... "
          4. Panels repositionable freely:
            1. at each time (eliminated panel edit mode)
            2. also fixed "system" fixed positions
          5. List of elements linked to an entity:
            1. now have user-configurable columns
            2. if they are DAM Assets they now have the possibility to be included in the cart
        2. Search
          1. Search Templates: it is now possible to memorize the column settings
          2. Available in the new column "item type" (form / entity)
          3. Added new criteria for searching through DATA fields in PIM / DAM modules
        3. DMS comparison: In the Spread History panel, you can now compare the high-resolution PDFs of the current phase and one of the phases in the story. (Available only if the HR PDF is available in the chosen phase and in the current phase)
        4. Created new entity: RELATIONITEM
          1. Goal: to manage the relationship between Relations and Relations / Products
          2. 2-level navigation managed by RELATIONITEM entity: when the display of a card as a child element of a parent entity is displayed, in the ELEMENT BOARD section (Text and data, Card ...) the additional panel is automatically displayed: "Data of this composition"
        5. Reduced the system font and optimized some UI spaces
        6. Preview in "Overprint" mode activated in the DMS
        7. "Collections" panel added in the Asset curves of the Asset to find out which Collections it is in.
        8. DAM Menu: "Collections" created by the user no longer appear in the DAM menu
        9. DAM objects: in the INFO panel there are links to use the resource from external systems (if configured in the shop). Link can also be used to insert images in the HTML area of the tabs.
        10. Import: the "Import" function that allows you to import xls files of the cards, now takes into account the permissions of the user who is importing
        11. Minor bugfixes on report i of version 8.1.1 (56)
        12. Various minor UI optimization (32)
        13. SW / HW optimization for performance improvement
        14. System configuration (new parameters):
          1. Show in list tree: manages the information displayed in Header + View Tree
          2. Show in list: manages what can be seen in the columns
          3. Overprint preview settable for Shop via path admin
          4. New type of entity in card builder: "RelationItem": card for the configuration of the relationship fields between two entities
          5. In Product tab added new parameter to the "Mandatory" field: "YES (Key import)". This value is used to indicate the field (s) to be considered Key during import xls of eT8. The parameter must be set on fields with a unique value and can not be set for the first level of the board.
          6. New parameter in "Relation Types": for each element allowed as a child it is now possible to associate a RelatioItem card that will manage the connections with that type of item.

2017.10.27 - v. 8.1.1 (R.

        1. The "block" views have been reactivated in the display of the Asset list. In the new views are now available:
          1. direct access to the "Quick View" panel (with the same criteria as the "in list" views),
          2. multiple selection for massive operations,
          3. multi-function menu on each thumbnail.
        2. Some compatibility bugfixes
        3. New version alerts: if the eTEAM® 8 platform is updated, the users who have activated a work session, in order to guarantee the protection of the data not yet saved, receive a warning message inviting them to reload the page (with detailed indications not to lose unsaved data in the open screen).
        4. DMS: it is now possible to load the paginated / artwork files even on a date before the first scheduled date.
        5. DAM: the function to import the .xls files of the data previously exported by the system is now also available in the DAM module.
        6. PIM: the "Image preview" view has been modified and made similar to the other lists of elements, so, even in this view, you can now apply filters, sorts and set the columns to display.

2017.10.16 - v. 8.1.0 (R.


        1. New functionality 
        2. Various optimizations for managing widgets related to search results on the Home page.
        3. Upgrading and optimizing certain parts of the user interface.
        4. Process panel upgrade with more information.
        5. Optimizing the Quick Notification Menu.
        6. Improved performance of background processes.
        7. Bugfix

DMS SECTION (Publications and Artwork)

        1. New of NOTE section 
          1. Redesigned annotation features and new note icon
          2. Redesigned the right panel containing:
            1. Historical notes
            2. List of notes
            3. Comment to file (if compiled)
            4. Attachments
        2. New functionality of NOTE section: 
          1. New note: by selecting the NEW NOTE button, the user now indicates the exact position where the note is to be created (previously it was created in a fixed position).
          2. Shortcuts for selection and de-selection notes:
            • 1 click on the not selected note = select
            • 2 click on the not selected note = select and edit text.
            • 2 clicks on the background = deselect all.
          3. Simplified drawing tool.
          4. New style of the "selected note" icon.
          5. All users can now change the status of a locked note.
          6. New view of the JOB (Collections-Publications) called "Full content": authorized users, selecting a JOB (Collection-Publishing), in addition to the CONTENT panel that displays the list of elements contained in the JOB (Collection-Publishing), has to Also available in the EXPLODED CONTENT panel, this panel displays all the SPREAD (Artwork-Pages) contained in the JOBs (Collections-Publications) inserted a selected one.
        3. Element lists: new "Select filter" option that is added to the existing "Select visible" and "Select all": the new option allows you to select the elements that are visible after applying a filter through the "Filter" field ". In summary:
          1. Select all: select all the elements belonging to the list (visible and not visible: for example present in successive pages of the view). Any applied filters are ignored.
          2. Select visible: select ONLY the elements of the list that I am viewing in the current screen.
          3. Select filtered: using the "Filter" field, the displayed list is automatically reduced and displays only the valid elements for the text written in the filter, through the new "Select filtered" option you can select all the elements belonging to the filtered list.
        4. Added new workflow configuration parameters to allow annotation blocking based on the status of the job and the type of user.


        1. New access mode for user in consultation only (eShare mode) which includes:
          1. Welcome homepage
          2. Required widgets
          3. Navigation restricted to shared assets only
        2. Assets can now be associated with ## TAG to facilitate their search and cataloging. Authorized users can create ## TAG: in this case, while typing, the system suggests the ## TAG already present in the system.
        3. AUTO ## TAG: (functionality to be activated separately to the standard license) The system, through a new image analysis engine, is now able to recognize the contents of a photo shot or an image and identify the # #TAG more suitable. (Example: a photo of an autumn landscape could be automatically associated with #LANDSCAPE #AUTUMN #TREE #LEAF #SKY #YELLOW #BROWN #RED #COUNTRYSIDE)
        4. Optimized browsing of COLLECTIONS: it is now possible to go back to viewing the complete list from every view.
        5. Optimized multiple association of categories: it is now possible to associate more than one category at a time.
        6. Automation related to Categories: depending on the categories associated to the Asset is now possible (function to be configured during system set-up):
          1. automatically fill in the fields on the Asset
          2. tab
          3. automatically set visibility restrictions through Brand
          4. automatically change the Status of Life and the Type of Use of an Asset
        7. "Block" views have been temporarily disabled in the display of the Asset list. These views are being reviewed and will be available again soon.


      1. Updating an ASSET file does not work.
      2. Forms Widgets are available to which the user does not have access due to the permissions associated with them.
      3. DMS-Note: note selection is not consistent with the indication of the selected note in the right summary panel.
      4. Other bugfixes to the framework with the insertion of new data security checks.
      5. Optimizations related to the reactivity of the user interface.
      6. Preview of TIFF files at levels also displays disabled levels.